Hi and welcome to our site!

Here at Make Me Stuff we believe gift sharing is a way to increase love between one another. The happiness we feel when someone we love displays the gifts we send them is not one that should be forgotten but we understand that coming up with the perfect gift can be rather difficult…which is where we come in 😉

Our designs have been inspired by all things cutesy but since one of us has a special addiction to Korean Dramas and the other a love of Cosplay and superheroes, you will see occasional products aimed at those with similar interests. Especially since there is a lack of stuff available for us Kdrama and Cosplay fans.

With many of our products we encourage you to get creative and put your own personal touch or even come up with your own design altogether so your person of interest feels that little bit more appreciated. However for those who are not into creating, we have come up with a collection for you to use as inspiration for your next gift.

We aim to serve those who have a love of anything creative and are not afraid to venture into new territory and explore different styles. We welcome new ideas so if you want to tell us to make you something then as long as we are able, we are happy to take on the challenge!

Happy designing!

– Faris and Nabilah –
The Make Me Stuff Team